It has the warmth of the sun that has shone over the bogs of Soomaa, pure produce from the gardens here,
modest appearance, a pleasant range of colors and a genuine smell of nature - just like in Soomaa itself.
Each time so familiar and own, as if reflecting us ourselves - look from one side or from the other.

The fruits and berries of Soomaamoos have grown mildly on Levikivi and in the home gardens of the locals in our area, in the forests and bogs of Soomaa.
Jam sugar has been used.
The Soomaa visual with reflection is created by designer Priit Isok for the National Parks of Estonia.
The palindrome word SoomaamooS was played one way and the other way by Mercy Lu, designer of the label.


Pear / lingonberry - goes wonderfully with roast beef and blood sausage on the Christmas table.

Blackcurrant - tastes good with black bread or corn wafers. Suits as a layer between a cake or as a dot on a dessert.

Mirabelle plum - a small yellow plum goes well with cakes and pastries, gives zest to cheese- or curd cream.

Apple - goes well with breakfast porridge, a slice of bread or a pancake. A real children's favorite.

Raspberry / blackcurrant - classic flavor with cold ice cream or warm tea water, goes well with layered breadcrumbs or with cookies.

Zucchini / lime / mint - puree jam reminiscent of a mojito goes well with lime cake, yogurt or curd treats.

Pancake jam - apples, strawberries, currants and crushed cranberries - and pancake jam according to grandmother's recipe is ready.

Levikivi selection

Jams are perfect with cheese and snacks and with various meat dishes.

Levikivi leek - red plum, damson plum, Red Hot chili pepper 15000 scoville, cloves, mustard seeds, black pepper, sugar, salt.

Levikivi tuline - tomato, paprika, Red Hot chili pepper 15000 scoville, basil, black pepper, cloves, sugar, salt.

Levikivi chutney - apple, pear, rowan, cardamom, cinnamon, spices, sugar, salt.

Soomaamooside valik


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Raul Randväli


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