A pebble in your pocket - workshop at Levikivi stonemasonry workrooms

Estonian natural stone, enhanced! Natural fieldstone can be used for many different products for construction, gardens or for home decoration. There is no residue, because we use all the small pieces of stone.
Participating in the workshop is an opportunity to learn about Estonian stones and minerals. Let's find out what exciting life lives on stones. Does the phrase 'hard as a rock' is really true?
Stone instrument, necklace or game blocks are made by hand in the workshop, we play with small stones and ask the big ones who of them is the king of rocks. We will make art on stone and paint rocks.
Participants can take their own stone art with them as a keepsake.

Booking by e-mail levikivi@levikivi.ee or call us 56680013.


At Mammu's - pancake workshop at Levikivi Naturefarm

Levikivi farm is located in the beautiful Soomaa region, between Tori and Jõesuu, on the high bank of the Pärnu river. We work with rocks, but we also have a softer side- which is why we invite families with children to visit us.
At Levikivi, children can bring chicken eggs from the nest, make their own pancake and taste what kind of good berry is inside the pancake jam from here. Children will will find out how jam is made from forest and garden berries.

Homemade pancakes always taste good!

We are happy to welcome the little curious ones with shining eyes!

Booking by e-mail levikivi@levikivi.ee or call us 56680013.



Marina Randväli


Raul Randväli



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