Estonian natural stone, enhanced!

•Imperishable beauty•
•Unique appearance•
•Durable for centuries•

Levikivi craft shop

•Natural stone products•
•Gifts and souvenirs•
•Preserves and knitwear•

Event venue rent

•Trainings, seminars, lectures•
•Motivational events and theme nights•
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Knowledge makes wise

•A pebble in your pocket - workshop at Levikivi stonemasonry workrooms•
•At Mammu's - pancake workshop
at Levikivi Naturefarm•

To nature in Soomaa

•Levikivi hike•
•Canoe rent•
•What to do in Soomaa and where to go?•

Levikivi jam-shelf

•Levikivi dip jams•
•Other various preserves•

Mari ja Raul

We can happily say that we are rich! We have two daughters and two sons and three grandchildren. The best part of our life :)
We have been engaged in business since 1996. 20 years in international transport. But the desire was to make something that would last. To feel our soul more connected to the ground, we left behind the speed and ephemeral and came to the countryside. Here is everything that we treasure, what we care about and what we value. The old wisdom of life and time that passes on its own. Here on the edge of Soomaa National park, there is peace... forests and bogs, river meanders, fields and stones. And precisely the stones are those that we are moving today.
By enhancing Estonian fieldstone, the construction sector and landscape architecture, design and creativity will benefit. Every little piece of stone finds its right place.
In addition to the stonemasonry workshop, Levikivi Naturefarm also has a craft shop, a renovated stone stable building for special gatherings, ancient oaks in the middle of the field, a grove of heritage value and a large outdoor area on the high bank of the Pärnu River. Apple trees and berry bushes, colorful chickens and yellow cats.
But as known saying goes, your own eye is the king - so we just say -
“Welcome to Levikivi!”

Mari ja Raul


Marina Randväli


Raul Randväli


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