A journey through the oldest farmlands of Levi village - Levikivi hike

Valuing native habitats and people's memories, we open a story box with local folklore stories and legends. We will talk about the heritage culture of Soomaa and the village of Levi with a long history, about local historical researcher Mihkel Tilk who has written about his ancestors Andres and Gertrud, about Levi Angels dance place and Tori Hell.
We will walk along the old shepherd's path and peat cutting sites. We will see ancient oaks, big stones and get strength from nature.
The hike ends with herbal tea and a piece of sweet.

Choose clothing and footwear according to the weather and the watery area of ​​Soomaa.

Booking by e-mail levikivi@levikivi.ee or call us 56680013.


Canoe trip on Navesti and Pärnu rivers - Levikivi canoe rental

Time moves differently on the river... Come and see where Navesti and Pärnu rivers meet.
Enjoy a canoe trip on your own to the picturesque Tori Hell or even go to the site of Estonia's oldest human settlement, Pulli, to take a picture with a dog.
Who does not want to undertake so long journey, then there is opportunity after Levi's old mill dam, to come to the shore at Levikivi.
Put up a tent, spend the night in your motorhome or in our summer camping house, have a barbecue, fish, swim in the river or just relax on the edge of Soomaa.

The offer includes two canoes, paddles, life jackets and transport. Price: from €30 per person.

Booking by e-mail levikivi@levikivi.ee or call us 56680013.


What to do in Soomaa?

RMK nature education programs and tourist information - Visitor Centre of Soomaa National Park
Study and hiking trails - Soomaa National Park
Information on tourism services in the Soomaa region and information on the activities of entrepreneurs can be found on the VisitSoomaa.ee page.

Where else to go and what to see?

Tori has a beautiful stone and wooden architecture -
Tori Community Centre and Tori Stud Farm,
Tori St George’s Lutheran Church,
tavern house, old municipal house, Tori Museum, manor house.
The sights are definitely the sandy steep riverbank by the Pärnu river Tori hell and the new bridge of Tori connecting the two banks.


Marina Randväli


Raul Randväli



Levikivi Levi küla Tori vald
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