We make fieldstone valuable

•Imperishable beauty • Unique appearance • Durable for centuries•

•Imperishable beauty •
• Unique appearance •
• Durable for centuries •

Our story

We have been in business since 1996, our core activity is transportation and truck repair. But to feel our soul connected to the ground, we left behind the speed and ephemeral and came to the countryside. We wanted to do something that would stay. There is everything in the countryside that we treasure, care and value. The old wisdom of life and time that passes on its own. Here on the edge of Soomaa National park, there are peace, forests and bogs, river meanders and little lakes, fields and rocks. And especially the rocks that have stored memory of thousands of years in them are those that we are moving today.

We offer

fieldstones in different sizes and for different purposes
different shapes of fieldstones made with Autocadprogramme processing – 2D, cubes, cylinders or bricks, shims, wheels etc.
stones cut with a diamond wire saw.
Max. dimensions 2m x 1.5m
stones cut with a circular saw
grinding and polishing
transportation and installation
interior and exterior work
trailer transport
excavator services
maintenance and repair of vehicle fleets

We make fieldstone valuable

foundations, walls, stairs, pillars, chimneys, cellars, saunas, window and door sills
pavements, foundation edges, bridges, fences, fence posts, supporting and design elements, steps, edges, masonries, garden furniture, stones with a place name, boundary stones, monuments
interior design
decorative tiles, floors, walls, fireplaces, stoves, hearth protective covers, walls behind sauna stoves, window sills, washbasins, work surfaces, ornaments and accessories. All of the various shapes - with or without natural or cut surface, round or square, polished or varnished
memorial plaques and tombstones
of different sizes and shapes, of different stones, cut, ground, with graphic elements or without
design products
various interior elements, tables, ottomans, shelves, stands, holders, lamps, clocks, candle holders

In short - almost all of stone from our countryside 🙂


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